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About us

Welcome to Vertical Movement!

Focused primarily on pole dance, fitness, and acrobatics, here at the studio we want to guide you to self-love and expression through movement towards a confident, graceful body and soul. Movement itself can be therapeutic. Movement in dance can also help you connect with yourself in a different way.

Our vision

Our vision

At Vertical Movement, we strive to make your dance and fitness journey exciting and fulfilling. Guiding you as you unlock new capabilities of your body and providing you with necessary tools so you can dance it to the next level!

Our team



Anya was always an active kid with tons of interest for performing sports, but instead she spent 8 years of her childhood studying music. As she got older, she had to push her desire to be a dancer or a gymnast to the side as she tried to pursue her career in accounting and had three children. At some point she felt that her passion for dance or gymnastics never went away with age. At the age of 31 she attended her first pole class and learned that she’s “the most uncoordinated and inflexible person in the world”. Nonetheless, she kept coming to more and more classes and even signed up to take gymnastics privates, to “learn cool tricks”. Nowadays, she is confidently holding her Ayesha in dynamic combos, experiments with different falls and dismounts and is even bending her back to create pretty shapes on a spin pole. She is constantly growing as an athlete and attends different workshops and pole camps to master her skills. She has trained with some of the best athletes in the industry like Dimirtiy Politov, Rafaela Montanaro, Pink Puma, Aleksey Poryadnov, Alberto del Campo, Alexander Abalyaev, Irina Skripkina, Picked up some extra sensual flow moves from Aleksey Siselyatin and Mari Platicina and even kept up the pace on heels with Ilya Medvedev. Today she is ready to share her experience and knowledge of biomechanics of pole tricks, secrets of smooth movements and more with you, as you’re starting or continuing your pole journey.



Alex always had passion for dancing. Her favorite gym class was a dance step class when she was in school. In fact, she was even on dance team in high school but after that she didn't pursue any dancing. He exercises routine for a very long time was consisting of running and lifting hand weights in the gym. However, she was always open to a new challenge. As she was pursuing her degree in Dental hygiene and raising two children, she didn’t expect to be hooked on the pole journey. When she signed up to her first pole class, it was more of a fun thing to do, rather than a life-long passion. She was always somewhat flexible, but strength wasn’t her biggest strength. A few years ago, when Alex took her first pole class, she was absolutely surprised at how difficult everything felt. She couldn’t get her toes of the ground, and literally every move seemed to be a challenge, nonetheless she stuck around and kept training. Her consistency of training and hard work has been paying off as she has been mastering new skills. Today, she is conquering one big move after another with grace and ease. Her years of training taught her million different ways to condition for a desirable move and walking that path herself, she is eager to teach new generation of polers how to gradually build strength, coordination and overcome fears to conquer them.



As a child Magda was very active and full of energy. She loved sports of all kinds. Basketball, bicycling, ice skating- these were her best friends. In high school she was in basketball team and one of the leading short distance runners. Her unstoppable desire for activities and artistic soul lead her to participating in many school plays and over 10 years singing in church choir. As if working a full-time job and raising kids wasn’t enough of a challenge, Magda decided to take a pole class back in 2018. She was hooked on how difficult and rewarding it was from the first class. At first, she felt very uncoordinated, but with each class she noticed significant progress. Moves that once felt unachievable, soon became a regular warmup. She fell in love in pole because it combines strength, flexibility and art altogether!!! She says that pole is her addiction. What fascinates her the most about it, is that there’s always something to work on, whether it is a new move or a fun transition from a well-practiced one, or a new challenging combo, that can be taken for a spin. Magda is well aware of what it is like to start as an adult and all the fears and insecurities that could happen along the road. She knows how to break down the most complex moves to the most uncoordinated people to make them feel natural.



Lauren (Lala) grew up in Orlando, FL and loved all genres of dance. She started performing on stage since she was 3 years old while being in the athletic scene as well. In her teen years she wanted nothing else to do but to be creative with art, dance and fitness. After moving to Phoenix, AZ in 2017, she took her first pole class, and was instantly hooked after her first spin. In 2018, she started competing and placed 1st in the exotic category in her first PSO competition in Orlando, FL. She placed again in 2019 for the exotic category for PSO in Los Angeles, CA. She also performed for numerous Cirque shows, events, and expos in the surrounding Phoenix area. She then moved to Las Vegas and continued her endeavor in pole training for the last several years. She moved to Illinois last year and found a pole home at Vertical Movement Studio. Lala performs for the joy of performing and hopes to inspire a similar joy in all her students, whether it be in class or on stage. She loves sharing her knowledge of pole with her students, and pushes her students to see their true potential. What she loves most about pole is the feeling you have while you’re in the air. It has been the only sport that has been a mental break for her, and continually challenges what she is able to do with her body. Her future goals are to be more involved in training and creating a pole community for the studio, also to be able to help her students reach their maximum level in pole dancing.