FAQ – Vertical Movement


What should I wear to my Pole Class?
For your very first pole class, wear comfortable clothes that does no restrict your movement. Yoga shorts are recommended for pole fit class, since you will be introduced to your very first pole sit, that requires some skin grip. However, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing shorts, come over in what makes you feel good. For pole heels class, wear any comfortable, non-movement restrictive clothing. Some students prefer yoga pants and a shirt, and some put on a glam look. You do you! Knee pads are required for heels class.
Are pole shoes required to take Heels class?
Pole shoes are not required to take heels class, however they are preferred, as significant portion of the class is focused on explaining how to use the platforms. If you do not have shoes yet, you can try the class barefoot and see if you want to keep going in the direction of pole dance. We do have certain sizes of rental pole shoes available at the studio at the price of $10. Knee pads are required for this class, baseball knee pads will work just fine.
Do you have knee pads I can borrow?
We only have a few pairs of knee pads you can borrow. They are given to students at first-come-first-served bases. We also have knee pads for sale at the studio.
What should I wear for Acrobatics class?
Comfortable non-restrictive clothing is the best for this class. Yoga pants or shorts and a shirt is the most common attire.
I don’t have any dance, aerial or acrobatics experience, is that a problem?
No, in fact most of our students start from very little to no dance or gymnastics experience. Our program is designed to help develop all the necessary skills from scratch. No need to be shy or afraid, we will help you along the way.
What should I bring to my classes?
Feel free to bring a bottle of water. You can refill it at our water fountain. You can also bring a yoga mat, if you do not feel comfortable using one provided in the studio.
I am too out of shape; will I be able to do anything?
Of course! We level our classes and tasks within a class according to the level a particular student is at. You will be working at your level and moving forward at your own pace at all times. We encourage all of our students to talk to instructor about their personal goals as it comes to pole and/or acrobatics. If a class seems particularly hard or easy, tell us, and we will adjust the workout accordingly.
How old are your students?
Our students are anywhere from 18 to 60+ years of age. It’s never too late to start pole if you feel like you want to give it a try.
Do you have classes for men?
Everyone is welcome to take classes at VM. We do not have a program directed strictly for men. However, most of the moves we do in our classes are suited for all genders.