Our classes – Vertical Movement

Our classes

Pole Sport Intro/Beginner

This class is designed for those, who had no prior experience with pole sport/fitness and those who have been taking pole for a few months now. In this class, you will learn the basic foundational pole spins, sits, and holds and short combos that will progress to a little more complicated moves and transitions towards beginner level. You will also be introduced to spin pole and will be able to give your skills a new “spin”.

This class is geared towards an absolute beginner, and so – don’t be shy if you haven’t exercised in years. We start with simple moves and gradually build on as you gain strength and confidence to move forward. We will work on conditioning in every class, that will help you build strength for climbs and inverts.


Pole Sport Intermediate/Advanced Intermediate

This class is for those, who feel confident in climbing and inverting. We will start working on our inverted position skills to add no handed leg grips, more complex inverted holds, one handed spins, and more. In this class you will learn more advanced moves such as Butterfly, Superman, Jade split, Inverted Ballerina, Cupid, Inverted thigh hold, layback and will start learning different ways to transition in and out of those moves. We will be working on these elements alone and in combos and this class will use both – spinning and static poles. This class will take you from first inverted positions to different drops, dynamic transitions and more complex inverted positions.


Pole Sport Advanced

This class is for those, who have mastered all basic holds and spins and are ready to upgrade their pole skills to the jaw dropping level. As in previous levels, we help you build strength and confidence as you unlock new skills and transitions. In this level we will be learning more advanced spins, dynamic dismounts, strength and flexibility elements and of course putting them all in fun combos. Some of the elements that are taught in this class include spin into a shoulder mount, Russian layback, Pegasus, Dragon tail, round off in an armpit grip, shoulder mount flip and more.


Pole Dance Heels - Beginner

Ever seen six or maybe eight-inch heels with a thick platform and wondered how it is possible to even stand on those, let alone dance? Well, come over to our Intro to Pole Dance – Heels class.

In this class we will focus on learning all about using these platforms to create smooth and elegant movements around a pole. Walking, turning, spinning, pirouetting and doing some floor work can look gorgeous and we will help you make it that way.
We will be combining these movements into choreography and focusing on execution of the dance, so you look like a real Queen or a King on those heels.
Don’t be fooled by “smooth and gentle” of this class. It is a real cardio workout to keep up with the music. Cardio on heels!

Completing Intro to Pole Dance Series or attending 8 Intro to Pole Sport classes is highly recommended.

Knee pads are required for this class.


Spin Pole Combo - Beginner

Do you love the spin mode on pole? Isn’t it fun? We think so too! That’s why we dedicated a whole class to mastering combos on spin pole.
In this class we will be focused on combining simple moves into charming combos that will make your and everyone else’s head spin! Literally from the beauty of it.
It is recommended to take at least 8 pole intro classes to join this class

Spin Pole Intermediate

You love spin pole and ready to take that spinning world upside down? Yes! It’s just as fun as it sounds!

This class is for students who can climb and invert and want to learn how to master spin pole while being inverted.

Full of charming moves and smooth transitions, this class will focus on expanding your vocabulary of pole moves and will take your spin pole skills to a new level!


Your Pole Inverts Bootcamp

Are you struggling with inversions and want to dedicate more time mastering them? We have a class for you.
In this class we will focus on conditioning that will accelerate your journey to being upside down.
Most desireable inverts such as shoulder mounts, choppers, Brass Monkeys, handsprings and even Phoenix spins are all broken down into bite size pieces that even beginner can start working on. And if you’re close to those, you can benefit from targeted conditioning that will make your inversions smoother.
Up your pole game by getting smoother week by week!

Static Pole Combo - Intermediate

Want to know how to connect all those impressive moves you learnt into breathtaking combos?

Join our class and work on connecting and perfecting.

Learning moves is fun, but it’s even more fun when moves seamlessly flow one into each other with ease and grace.

In this class you will focus on bulding stamina to connect moves, learn tips and techniques of how to make transitions look polished and fluent.

Confident climb and invert required to join.


Stretching and flexibility

Flexibility is definitely a desired attribute in dance. Creating amplitude in movement and beautiful shapes on or off the pole require strong and flexible body.
In this class we will be working on increasing your active range of motion, so you can apply it in the studio or on stage. We will be stretching whole body during a warmup but each class we will focus individually on one or two specific flexibility shapes.

Splits, middle splits and different types of back bends will be a primary focus of these classes. We will work on active flexibility, or simply put, your ability to use a split in a dance, not just sit on the ground in it.
We put biggest focus on making your flexibility journey injury free and will guide you to gentle progress with highest respect to your body. The journey of flexibility for adults is vastly different than the one for the kids, we will help you understand how to achieve those shapes without forcing your body into painful positions.


Open Pole

Our studio is open for non-instructed practice for our students and guests. Whether you want to practice what you learnt in class, dance a little longer on heels, or do pole conditioning, come on over and do it during the open practice hours. Instructor is present in the studio during this time for safety reasons, but no instructing or spotting will be given.